A will allows you to decide what happens to your assets when you die.

Western Legal can give you practical advice, address your concerns and work with you in respect of dispositions to ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

When a person dies intestate (without leaving a valid will) his or her estate is distributed according to legislation, which sets out who is entitled to part of your estate in certain circumstances. This can result in parts of your estate going to extended family, rather than just to those closest and dearest to you. Let Western Legal’s experienced solicitors advise you and help you make a valid will.

Appointing an attorney, under an Enduring Power of Attorney, allows you to nominate someone you trust to take care of your financial and legal affairs. It ensures that your estate and your best interests will be taken care of in the unfortunate event that you no longer have the mental capacity to take care of legal and financial matters yourself, due to illness or accident. Western Legal can assist you in making a valid Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) that continues to operate after you lose mental capacity, as opposed to a Power of Attorney which becomes invalid in such an event.
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